How to Spot a Fake Online Casino Website

blog post - Online Casino Website Red Flags_ How to Spot a Fake Site

The sea of available online casino sites includes both legal and profitable ones and those fraudulent ones hiding in fake websites. Over the years, many fake casino sites have exploited the abundance of online casino customers. Many of these illegal casinos and websites have permanently shut down by authorities. However, the continuous growth of the industry creates more avenue for these illegal casinos to increase.

With many anomalies and issues happening in the online casino industry due to illegitimate or fake websites' proliferation, customers must be more vigilant. So how do you spot a fake online casino website? We have compiled the red flags you should always observe.

  • Non-existent Licenses

fake website non - existent

License registrations are the most basic requirement that operates a legitimate online casino site. Licenses mean that the site passed and adheres to the standard of the regulatory body.

Most online casinos present these on their websites, but fake websites will most probably not disclose anything. The absence of these licenses and certificates might mean the site is involved in illegal activities.

  • Payment Anomalies

Online casinos understand that responsible gaming requires prudent management of your finances. To ensure this, big online casinos pride in their seamless payment transactions.

A fake website's glaring red flag is payment anomalies such as very slow payouts or too expensive transaction fees. Concerns that involve money and your security require extra precaution.

  • Suspicious Amounts of Bonuses

fake website bonuses

One skill that fake websites are good at is bonus baiting. After all, customers are often enticed by the online casino industry because of its generosity in giving bonuses. Free spins and high reward games lure more customers to sign in to these casinos. And since payment is not the goal, these casinos can quickly disappear once their profit becomes relatively high.

  • Bad Web Reviews

An easy way to identify fake websites is through reading reviews from trusted blog sites. Trusted casinos value customer experience, so they extend great efforts in ensuring that it provides satisfaction.

It is a value that illegitimate casinos lack. Although bad reviews are commonplace, the number of bad reviews reflect the kind of service any online casino provides.

  • Lack of Customer Support

fake website

As cited, customer support and satisfaction is not a priority of fraudulent online casinos. Most often, fake websites do not include customer support information.

Top online casinos offer excellent customer care service almost 24/7. Fake online casinos lack these for a better instant exit once the need arises.

There is an alarming number of fake online casinos and counterfeit websites that victimize thousands of gamers online.

They took advantage of the burgeoning online casino industry and its supporters. The good thing is that most of these fake casinos are identifiable among the legitimate ones because of common red flags. As a customer, make sure that you only engage with the most trusted online casinos to avoid fake casino websites.